5 Must-DL Apps This Week: An App That Lets You Un-Text + More!

Hope you are enjoying your health and still sticks to your new year’s resolution.But I suggest you to take some time today to refresh your #digital life with five of favorite apps of recent launches and updates!


1. Procreate Pocket: No, this isn’t another fertility app, this one is for turning your doodles into pro-level pieces of art. This popular iPad app is going even more mobile with their latest addition: an iPhone version that lets you sketch wherever you are with a set of drawing and Illustrator-esque tools and features. DL this one and get ready to tap into your artistic self on the train to work or wherever you have a few minutes of downtime.

DL It: $2.99 on iOS


2. Strings: As we saw in 2014, new messaging services come and go almost as quickly as the self-destructing messages they send do. We have a feeling this one might be around a bit longer. This one allows you to take back a message or photo you sent. If only this could be an add-on to iMessage, we’d be in heaven.

DL It: Free on iOS


4. Motivated Moms: Moms, we got you. The recently updated Android version of this app lets you divvy up chores to everyone in your house and help you keep your sanity. Sync and backup between tablet and smartphone and your family’s devices.

DL It: $0.99 on Android


4. Stichy: Sharing really *is* caring with an app that wants you to open up your camera roll to your near and dear friends and fellow partygoers. Skip the cloud and share photos in “stichies” aka interactive slideshows for events that you create.

DL It: Free on Android and iOS


5. Surprise! If you didn’t totally win in the gift gifting department this year, you might need to make sure this one is downloaded as we enter 2015. This Amazon app will keep a running calendar of any upcoming events you might need to up your gift giving skills for and let you send an e-greeting and Amazon gift card in just a few taps.

DL It: Free on iOS

What was your favorite DL of the week? What’s the last app you downloaded that you L-O-V-E-D? Share below!


Top 7 Apps to Mark the Start of a Glorious 2015

I hope you enjoyed your Holidays, those sweet memories from the holiday festivities are practically yesterday’s news as the brand new 2015 looms right around the corner.

I bring you another top 7 apps to start a glorious and hearty 2015.

Do Not Disturb – Android

Do Not Disturb

We all have our moments – especially those where we don’t wish to speak to certain people or just want to be left alone. Do Not Disturb temporarily prevents all incoming calls from ringing your phone. By default all incoming calls go to your voicemail, if you have it activated.

In case you don’t have voicemail activated, the app prompts an automated message letting callers know you’re not accepting calls at the moment. This does not affect outgoing calls in any way.

Telegraph – iOS


This exciting new social networking app lets you send messages quickly to anyone in private and receive notifications when someone wished to get in touch. You can also post short telegrams and photos, and follow other users’ feeds.

The best part is you get to post anonymous telegrams to the online space. Features like Fond on Map and Explore let you connect with great people who sport the same interests as yours. If you really like someone, you can submit a ‘secret like’ and the app notifies you once there is a secret like for you as well.

Warm feelings can be expressed with Kisses on the app. All in all, this is a great app to just let the world know what you’re thinking and make some friends privately, in the process.

Foursquare – iOS , Android


This flagship app has now been upgraded to eliminate check-ins altogether. What you have is a significantly better restaurant finding engine.

Looking for a simple recommendation? Ask the app what the best place is for say, brunch, and it gives you recommendations even faster and more elegantly than its predecessor. Oh, and did we mention there’s no need to check-in now?

Buffer – iOS , Android


Ever wondered what it’s like to automatically make social media posts at a desired time? Buffer, sporting a sophisticated interface, lets you do just that. It has options for including a number of social networks, particularly LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Sign in using your favorite social media account or create a unique Buffer account. After signing in, add all the social networks you like and compose tweets as well as status updates. These can be posted across several networks simultaneously and the app helps you choose when to post them.

You can make enough multiple posts to populate your social media for up to a week. Buffer selects a time based on when it thinks the most clicks and retweets will occur. The simple and easy to use time zone-sensitive scheduler lets you decide when to publish posts.

DICE – iOS , Android


There’s good reason to get excited as a music fan: you buy tickets to gigs without any booking fees whatsoever.

Not just that, you also get a recommendations feed on new bands that are performing, and the app developers even recruit people to make sure you have a great time at the venue.

Glow Nurture – iOS

Glow Nurture

While you may think this app might be an odd one to mention in our top 7 stack, it is nevertheless highly useful, as the original app (Glow) helps women keep a check on their pre-pregnancy fertility cycles.

Glow Nurture is for women who’ve had a successful delivery – the health tracker gives you daily updates and the ability to track related stats and of course, bump-photo sharing. You’ve got good reason to be proud of your efforts, show off a little!

Workflow – iOS

Work Flow

Why does Workflow deserve to be in the top 7 this month?

Here’s why: create sets of actions you ‘execute’ on your iOS device, then simply automate them. For instance, tweeting about a song you’re enjoying, converting a contact into a homescreen icon that calls them up, or changing Safari pages into PDF format.

These apps will surely mark the start of a fruitful year. I wish you the best and hope to hear from you one way or another! Leave your comments below.