5 Ways to Decorate Your Eggs + 5 Ways to Cook ‘Em for Easter

What would Easter be without pretty pastels, bushy-tailed bunnies and dozens upon dozens of eggs? Well, that wouldn’t be Easter at all 😉 That’s why when the folks at The Incredible Edible Egg asked us to round up our favorite ways to decorate with eggs and cook with them, we were more than happy to oblige.


Not only are eggs the perfect canvas for dye, but they happen to be a powerhouse when it comes to nutrition. Just one egg contains 6 grams of high-quality protein and all 9 essential amino acids, all for just 70 calories. We’ve combed through the Brit + Co archive and found five eggstraordinary egg decorating ideas along with 5 eggcellent recipes for Easter brunch. Enjoy!




1. Eggshell Hanging Planters: For a subtle take on the egg-y decor, go for a more natural look. Empty those egg shells (check out the tutorial right here), pierce them on each side and fill with springy blooms, succulents or paper flowers to create your own take on this lovely display.


2. Glitter-Dipped Easter Eggs: You know we love us some glitter. For this decorating idea, we chose three colors of glitter (silver, blue and teal) and dipped a batch of eggs. This is a quick and easy way to add a lot of color to any Easter celebration.


3. So Eggcited Easter Centerpiece: How fun is this? Not only is it punny as ever, but it makes a picture perfect centerpiece.


4. Tattoo Your Eggs: That’s right — it’s time to ink those eggs. Because of the porous nature of egg shells, you can actually transfer temporary tattoos onto them just like your skin! We found a mix of insects, superheroes and dinosaurs for this batch.


5. Emoji Easter Eggs: Of course, we had to bring some emojis into the mix. We shrunk down the printable templates from our Emoji Pumpkins to make this cast of silly characters. We like the mustache one the best!

Now that you’re set in the decorating department, let’s use up those hard boiled or blown-out eggs for Easter brunch. And if you still haven’t perfect the art of hard boiling, check out The Incredible Edible Egg’s foolproof guide.



1. Cauliflower Crust Breakfast Pizza: Who doesn’t love pizza for breakfast? And guess what? This pie is gluten-free! For real.


2. Savory Spinach Strata: First off, what is strata? It’s a make-ahead breakfast dish that resembles a casserole crossed with a savory bread pudding. Change it up by trading kale for spinach, adding in bacon or throwing a few more types of cheese into the mix.


3. Zucchini Pancakes with Avocado + Egg: Zucchini is one of those super ingredients that manages to make most things healthier and more delicious at the same time. These savory pancakes are a great gluten-free option, and can be topped with any mix of tasty toppings.


4. Edible Floral Cake: How do we like our eggs? In a cake — even better if that cake ends up being covered in incredible, edible spring flowers.


5. Egg Tarts: Inspired by one of our favorite dim sum dishes, egg tarts, we created our own version that’s perfect for snacking on after a long day of egg hunting.

We hope you’re as eggstatic about Easter as we are — stay tuned for even more last minute decor ideas, scrumptious brunch recipes and at least 10 more ways to dye those festive eggs. And be sure to check out The Incredible Edible Egg’s Facebook page for more eggstraordinary eggspiration.

Originally posted at Brit.co

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