Must-Haves for Making Your Own DIY Closet

So you found a really great converted warehouse apartment with gorgeous natural light, but… there’s no closet. You know you’ve been there. But now, thanks to modern storage and organization tools, I can help you build your very own closet and turn a blank wall into a custom closet. This how-to works for any size wall, so be sure to share it with friends who live in a tiny apartments as well as large ones.

It’s all part of our Storage and Organization Series with Target, devoted to getting organized.

The key is in creating something fairly mobile and lightweight, being able to see everything in it and making sure there’s a space for everything. Though you likely have more clothes than fit perfectly into this setup, this is great for keeping your everyday wearables on hand. For bulky things like jackets and sweaters, we highly recommend Sterilite under-the-bed bins!

1. Threshold Double Closet Rod ($60): First things first, you’re going to need a garment rack of some kind. This double closet rod comes with a section for hanging and a section for shelving.

2. Threshold Scarf Hanger ($6): Next we’ve got this awesome and handy scarf hanger. Use this to organize your scarves, tights or leggings and your magically-shorter-morning-routine will thank you.

3. Huggable Hangers ($20): These cushy hangers make it easy to hang garments of all sizes and materials because they won’t slip. They are also thinner and take up less room than traditional plastic hangers!

4. Hanging Shelves ($19): Hanging shelves may seem SO college to you, but they are actually super handy. Use them for pants, scarves, belts, clutches or even shoes!

5. Sterilite Drawers ($5 and up): These super lightweight drawers come in a bunch of different configurations and are an easy way to add extra functionality to your DIY closet. Fill yours with bras and undies to keep them easily accessible but tucked away.

6. Threshold Starburst Mirror ($40): You’re going to need a gorgeous mirror to look at that gorgeous face of yours! This starburst mirror fits into our closet perfectly.

7. Jewelry Organizer: You may want to keep a separate jewelry box stowed away with all your beads and baubles, but an organizer like this is great for keeping the things you wear most frequently on hand.

8. Horizontal Shoe Shelf ($10): We stacked a basic shoe shelf on top of a white cube organizer for maximum shoe space. The shoe shelf is great for flats, sandals and sneakers, and the top doubles as a bureau for keeping your accessories and makeup in order.

9. 6-Cube White Organizer ($40): Cube shelves are basically the best, whether in the closet, in the kitchen or in the office. In this closet scene, we turned ours on its side and used it to display our most prized boots.

10. Room Essentials Storage Cubes ($7): Inside those bins? Socks, tights, leggings and even a few more pairs of shoes.

11. Woven Plastic Tub ($7): Bins are the bee’s knees when it comes to an open shelving situation, so you’re going to want to stock up. We used this white bin to house a few of our favorite fall hats.

12. Plenty of Trays: Like bins, trays are more useful than you could possibly imagine. Use them to organize accessories, jewelry, beauty essentials and all of those other little knick knacks you like to access on the daily.

Don’t you feel more organized already? 

This post is a collaboration with Target.


Wall Art Ideas to Decorate Your Space

There are literally thousands of different ways to make beautiful art for the walls of your home or office (along with posters and prints). But I narrowed it down to my favorite ideas. Whether you’re into metallic or neon, color block or obmre, 2D or 3D there’s an idea here to fit your home and your budget. Be sure to tell me in the comments which is your favorite.

1. Sequins Wall Art: Add some sparkle and shine to your home with this simple project. It’s a great way to make use of an old or thrifted frame. (via LiveLoveDIY)

2. 3D Colorblock Wall Art: This 3D circle installation proves that when it comes to color block, it’s not always hip to be square. (via Curbly)

3. Postcard Wall Art: Whether it’s a set of postcards like these Penguin classics covers or a random assortment, using a collection of postcards is an inexpensive art solution. (via How About Orange)

4. Watercolor Chevron Wall Art: While not made with watercolor paints, this canvas project definitely has a watercolor effect. The gold background is a nice touch as well. (via The Embellished Nest)

5. Clipboard Wall Art: These stenciled letters are a fun twist on typographic art. It would be a fun party game to let guests rearrange them and spell out messages. (via Madigan Made)

6. Framed Scarf Wall Art: Who says you can only frame paper goods? This framed silk scarf adds color pattern and texture to the room. (via Honey Sweet Home)

7. Washi Tape Dot Wall Art: Make your own polka dot wall decals with this simple tutorial. All it takes is a few rolls of your favorite washi tape. (via CraftGawker)

8. Modern Lines Wall Art: Another easy, bold way to add color to your home is with this taped canvas tutorial. The patterns and color schemes are endless! (via The New Domestic)

9. Ombre Quote Wall Art: The key to making this ombre art? Once you’re done painting use a wet paintbrush to blend the color transitions. (via Sarah Hearts)

10. Circle Punch Wall Art: A great stash-buster project, this paper art work can be made with wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, or even old greeting cards. (via Mer Mag)

11. Gold Leaf Map Wall Art: What a fun idea to gold leaf a portion of this deconstructed map. This would make a great gift for travelers; you could gold leaf every country they’ve visited. (via Sugar & Cloth)

12. Triptych Chevron Wall Art: Glam up your dining room with this simple chevron artwork. All you need is painters’s tape and gold paint. (via Jess Lively)

13. Ribbon Wall Art: This colorful, striped artwork is a great optical illusion—it looks way more difficult to make than it actually is. (via Homey Oh My!)

14. Glow in the Dark Halloween Art: Who knew there was such a thing as glow in the dark Modge Podge? This creepy spider art is just the beginning of the possibilities! (via How About Orange)

15. DIY Happy Dots Wall Art: These fun polka dot canvases were actually printed with a potato! The homemade stamp gives each dot a unique look. (via Shop Sweet Things)

16. Print Your Own Wall Art: Have a favorite image you want to enlarge and print for your wall? This tutorial shows you the easiest way to do it. (Hint, you’ll only need your printer!) (via Creature Comforts)

17. USA Wall Art: This piece is such a great take on the shipping pallet. If you’re really ambitious, you could do the whole world map instead. (via It’s Just Jane)

18. Quotes on Canvas Wall Art: Use magazine pages and patterned paper underneath white paint to create this colorful quote artwork. (via Six2Eleven)

19. Fabric Panel Wall Art: One of the fastest ways to makeover your space is to cover blank canvases in pretty patterned fabrics. (via Bella Dia)

20. Gold Leaf Monogram Wall Art: We love a good ampersand, and this gold-leafed version does not disappoint. (via 6th Street Design School)

21. Tissue Paper Wall Art: This simple DIY seems like an ode to CMYK. All that’s missing is the K. (via Mr. Handsomeface)

22. Paint Chip Heart Art: What’s the easiest way to get all the colors you need for a beautiful ombre piece? Start with paint chips, of course! You’ll save tons of time trying to mix the perfect shades. (via I Heart Organizing)

23. Song Lyric Wall Art: Another fun take on the white canvas with colorful letters idea, this piece uses a thrifted painting and favorite song lyrics to make it stand out. (via A Beautiful Mess)

24. Junk Mail Wall Art: Would you ever guess that this cool abstract piece was made from junk mail from Crate & Barrel? It’s a brilliant way to make art out of found—or rather delivered—objects. (via Modge Podge Rocks)

25. Wood Stick Wall Art: We have a serious crush on this optical illusion wall art. The key is to start with a hexagon, then add the lines to make it look like a cube. (via Ohoh Blog)

26. Colorful Chevron Wall Art: This bold chevron piece also uses paint chips to get a bold range of colors easily. (via Love Hue Home)

27. Gold Confetti Wall Art: Inspired by a set of kate spade new York dishes, this simple confetti canvas is the perfect way to decorate for a New Year’s party. (via Mint Love Social Club)

28. Retro Wood Wall Art: If you’re going for a retro vibe in your home, these simple painted wood panels add just the right period feel. (via Oh So Lovely)

29. Office Supplies Wall Art: Would you ever guess that this sweet little red painting was made with painter’s tape and office supply dots? It’s a quick and easy project with fantastic results. (via How About Orange)

30. Painted Wood Wall Art: Don’t be fooled, this reclaimed wood project is time- and labor-intensive, but the results are worth the effort, without a doubt. (via Salvage Love)

31. Geometric Patchwork Wall Art: We love the idea of artwork in place of a headboard, and this simple geometric paper idea is at the top of our list. (via The Red Thread Blog)

32. Coaster Wall Art: Talk about double duty art! Hang these ribbon-wrapped coasters up to make a mini memo board or take them down and use them to avoid ruining your furniture. (via Paper & Stitch)

33. Quote Wall Art: Use patterned fabric and your favorite quote to create this inspirational artwork. What would your version say? (via Make & Do Girl)

34. Paint Chip Wall Art: Use paint chips or bright construction paper to create this pixelated wall art. We love it with or without the quote. (via A Beautiful Mess)

35. Printable Quote Stencil Wall Art: If you have a big space to fill, start by using a shipping pallet. You’ll be able to make a statement and remedy your empty walls. (via House of Hepworths)

36. Chevron Outdoor Wall Art: This stunning outdoor art was made from salvaged pieces of lumber from an interior renovation. It’s a great way to repurpose unused materials! (via Home Depot)

37. Feather Wall Art DIY: Talk about texture! We’re betting guests will be drawn to this feathery wall art. It’s a look and touch piece. (via …love Meagan)

38. Fish Scale Wall Art: Just by layering these paper cutouts you can create a completely different texture. And you can never go wrong spray painting a piece gold. (via Let’s Go Sunning)

39. Cupcake Wrapper Wall Art: Who knew cupcake wrappers could be so chic? It’s all in the way you arrange them. (via Shelterness)

40. Geometric Wall Art: This time, the paint chip art is done up in triangles and framed like a normal print.We love that it’s so simple and colorful. (via How About Orange)

41. Color Block Canvas: Think Popsicle sticks are just for the kids? Think again with this pretty color block canvas. (via Design for Mankind)

42. Pressed Ferns: These might be the most low-maintenance plants you can have in your home. Follow the tutorial to press them so they last. (via ECAB)

43. Quilled Monogram: Have you ever heard of paper quilling? It’s the art of rolling paper coils in 3D. We love this monogram tutorial. (via Craftastical)

44. Starburst Mirror: Take a plain mirror to the next level with this starburst DIY. All you need is some branches from the floral supply store, spray paint, and glue. (via Ten June Blog)

45. Giant Cross Stitch: A big piece of pegboard is just made to become an oversized cross-stitch. What pattern would you make? (via The Thompson Family)

46. Floral Wreath Guest Books: This art is especially meaningful, because each leaf contains a message from a friend. We think it’s the perfect DIY to make if you’re hosting a bridal shower. (via Oh Happy Day)

47. Clothes Pin Mirror: Ideal for the laundry room, this mirror is simply covered with bold plastic clothespins from IKEA. (via Little Green Notebook)

48. Mini Chalkboard Portraits: You can DIY this art over and over again, but we love the idea of hand drawn family portraits on these mini plaques. (via You Are My Fave)

49. Hex Nut Wall Art: Raid the hardware store or your stash of unused IKEA fasteners to make this geometric patterned artwork. (via Design for Mankind)

50. Tissue Paper Pom Poms: These paper poms might be meant for a party, but we’d leave them up rear round. (via The Sweetest Occasion)

51. Color Block Painting: The gold stripes on this painting make it feel especially glam. (via Maria Teorien)

52. Ellipse Art Installation: Want to know a secret? This art work is made from toilet paper rolls! We would never have guessed they could look so chic! (via Apartment Therapy)

53. Framed Keys: This shadowbox idea is a sweet reminder of all the places you’ve lived in the past. How many keys would be in your shadow box? (via Young House Love)

54. Textured Wall Art: A new take on string art, this colorful canvas has a great texture to it. We might consider using a matte paint for a more sophisticated feel. (via Blu Kat Kraft)

55. Wine Cork Installation: If you’ve been collecting corks, here’s our favorite way to use them! If you haven’t started collecting them, there’s no time like the present! (via Project Rowhouse)

56. Framed Glitter: Spray adhesive is the trick to making this glitter art. Well, that and a good vacuum cleaner. (via Mr. Kate)

57. Wooden Shim Wall Art: Shims are inexpensive and easy to find at the hardware store. And they can be transformed into this easy artwork with just some wood stain and glue. (via By Stephanie Lynn)

58. Letterpress Wall Art: Next time you’re at the flea market, don’t pass by those letterpress trays just because you don’t have a Vandercook of your own. This fun DIY shows off your love of the process. (via Apartment Therapy)

59. Threaded Heart: Go ahead and nail your string art directly into the wall, if you own your own home, that is. (via Handmade Charlotte)

60. Giant Fringe Monogram: This might look like a piñata, but it only takes a fraction of the time to make since you only have to cover one dimension in fringe. (via The Sweetest Occasion)

61. Scrabble Tile Wall Art: Word nerds and Scrabble junkies, this is the DIY for you. Head to the hardware store to get wood cut into squares, then simply paint out your favorite tiles or maybe your all time winningest word. (via Insideways)

62. Spoon Art: No, we’re not suggesting you hang spoons on your wall. Instead, try this colorful work of art that uses a large metal serving spoon as the paintbrush. (via Mr. Kate)

63. DIY Chocolate Wall Art: It’s official—this is the sweetest piece of art we’ve ever seen! Perfect for Valentine’s Day, all you need are some chocolates and glue dots to make this edible masterpiece. (via The Sweetest Occasion)

64. Honeycomb Wall: Turn your entire wall into a work of art with this ombre honeycomb design. It requires a bit of woodworking, but it’s totally worth it. (via Vintage Revivals)

65. Lip Print Wall Art: Your lipstick collection becomes your paint palette for this easy DIY. We think this piece would look great in the bathroom, or wherever you get ready in the morning. (via P.S. I Made This)

66. Scalloped Wall Art: A slightly more colorful take on the fish scale art we showed earlier, these mostly monochromatic pieces are made even cooler with a few pops of contrast. (via You Are My Fave)

67. Ribbon Photo Wall: Display instant photos, postcards, or your printed Instagram photos with this five minute DIY. (via I Spy DIY)

68. Yarn Banner: And finally, we have another great stash-buster. This easy-to-make yarn banner is a bold statement in your home. The key is to trim the shape after all the pieces are glued down. (via Creativebug)

69. Light Up Sign: Using frosted spray paint on a piece of glass makes this light up art give off a soft glow. (via Vintage Revivals)

70. Map Monogram: Shown here in a nursery, this DIY is really a treat for all ages. You can also start with smaller, cardboard letters to save yourself several steps. (via Ambrosia Creative)

71. Thumbtack Typography: The hardest part of this idea is sketching out the letters. Once you have them on the wall, simply start applying the thumbtacks. (via Jessica Hische on Flickr)

What’s your favorite wall art idea? Have you made any of the pieces on this list or try another? Tell us in the comments