Considerable Increase in Thanksgiving and Black Friday Online Sales

Stats from ComScore and IBM indicate a considerable increase in Thanksgiving and Black Friday online sales. As per reports, Thanksgiving Day sales saw a 14.3 percent increase over sales in 2013. Also, online sales on Black Friday were 9.5% high compared to sales in 2013.

“This trend may indicate that shoppers are becoming more comfortable and digitally savvy in how they use online coupons and rebates to secure the best bargains,” IBM said in its report.

Retailers count on holiday shopping for a healthy percentage of their sales for the year. Toward that end, many of them have been trying to lure customers with special sales, promotions and rebates that offer deep discounts on popular products. But IBM’s findings indicate that buyers aren’t necessarily jumping at every deal they find and may hunt around more than they have in previous years.

Marketers themselves may also be getting the message by sending fewer promotional emails. For this Black Friday, retailers sent an average of 5.3 emails on Black Friday, down 11 percent from last year. The numbers that indicate when a person opens such a promotional email and clicks on a link were also down from last year for both Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

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