Lahoriyo Get ready for CARNIVAL NIGHT!!!!!!!!

You had vampires spook you up, you enjoyed the 70’s rock and roll, you dined with the pirates. Now Forest Cafe brings you yet another epic night which would be a CARNIVALE OF FUN AND EPIC FOOD.
and do look around for the magicians for lots of give aways…Image
join us by visiting Forest cafe.

For booking u can contact contact:

(042) 35754646

57 t gulberg 2 mm alam road, Lahore, Pakistan-56000






















Map view if any body have any doubt about venue….


few pictures from FOREST CAFE’s last Rock and roll party!!

480905_480500242035014_2061904503_n 600197_480499768701728_368018814_n 971322_480499985368373_1757562439_n 992786_480500178701687_1705116905_n 994220_480500275368344_457174610_n 998991_480500588701646_406586624_n 1000145_480499842035054_1628312420_n 1000696_480500162035022_872306866_n 1001606_480501348701570_912948450_n 1002757_480500132035025_657016884_n 1003966_480500012035037_1908999717_n 1010748_480499738701731_815870658_n 1011797_480499822035056_1479668450_n 1016538_480501262034912_1212172640_n 1044438_480499895368382_1559957342_n 1044500_480500492034989_2110843793_n 1045181_480499762035062_1003851408_n

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