Youth Entrepreneurial Exhibit: Untrodden Ways

@ DATE is not decide yet

Venue : Ground near Siddique Trade Center, Lahore 

Youth Entrepreneurial Exhibit: Untrodden Ways

Do you make handmade jewelry, cupcakes, candles, clothes or shoes? Do you paint or draw? Do you have a unique product you want to display or sell? Ever wanted to start your own business? Well looks like you just landed the right place!

What to do?

1) Step one: Open the link and register yourself.

2) You book a stall and display what you make.

3) Guests and visitors will look at your products.

4) The best entrepreneurs will be there to judge you and speak on ‘entrepreneurship’

5) You can sell your products while enjoying speeches, band performances and refreshments and also win prizes by entering our lucky draw.


Get Registered ASAP:
We are very friendly. 
Just call us at: 0321-5916142, 03364027337

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